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Fight The Bite Program

                                        Guardian Fight The Bite Program

                                        Preventive Program for MOSQUITOS, TICKS AND FLEAS


When the weather is right, most people like to enjoy outdoor fun, backyard barbecues and pool parties. Unfortunately for us, mosquitoes, ticks and fleas also thrive in the same weather and can ruin our outdoor fun.

Fight the Bite Program is designed to reduce mosquito, tick and flea local breeding and resting areas and help family members reduce the possibility of contacting West Nile Virus, Lyme disease, and other mosquito or tick borne diseases.

Fight the Bite Program is more involved than the occasional application. Approximately every 21 days, Guardian Pest Control will apply a residual barrier to your property, targeting likely mosquito, tick and flea breeding and resting areas, such as shaded areas, trees, shrubs, groung cover, planting beds, dense vegetation around foundations, under decks, eaves of structures, mulched areas and other areas with poor air circulation.

Having an Event?

Having a party, wedding, barbecue? Guardian Pest Control can protect your guests from the annoying and potentially dangerous bite of the mosquito.

Guardian Pest Control can apply a residual barrier to your property right before your event so your guests and you can enjoy it without any annoying mosquitos.

If you wish to get a quote for this Event Special, please call in advance of the date of your gathering so we can go over the details of the engagement and provide you with a quote.



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